Innovation Insights – New Liebherr boom pushes the limits.

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Liebherr’s new SX boom gives more capacity and increases lifting height for its 750 tonne capacity lattice boom crane models. According to Liebherr, this moves the LR 1750/2 crawler and LG 1750 truck crane into the 1,000 tonne class for wind turbine erection.

Turbines with a hub height of 165 metres and component weights up to 120 tonnes can be erected using the new system. This capability was previously the preserve of 1,000 tonne class cranes, the manufacturer said.

Instead of a 3 m wide boom the SX is 3.5 metres wide, above the base section, and the sections have been made lighter. They increase lateral stability to cope with lifting heavier loads. In addition, a boom and fixed jib up to 165 metres long can be raised.

The new Liebherr SX boom system gives more capacity and increases lifting height, moving 750 tonne capacity lattice boom cranes into the 1,000 tonne class

Outwardly most noticeable, however, is an extension to the SX boom in the form of a 6 m wide section to further increase lifting capacity. Two 14 m long by 6 m wide sections form the SX2 while with three of them it is designated SX3. For transport and storage the 6 m wide sections can be split down their length, according to their open triangulated structure, before being offset longitudinally and then meshed together like gear teeth (see the diagram). In this way the width for transport is reduced to 3.5 m. Bolting together and separating the two halves can be done quickly, the manufacturer said. The SX is interchangeable between the LG 1750 and LR 1750/2. A new fixed jib designed to make the most of the extra capacity is also available. It includes a runner and a new hook block which, in conjunction with the head sheaves, are designed to prevent the hook block from twisting.

Source: International Cranes and Specialized Transport.