The manpower, especially the engineers and the technical support staff employed with Crown Lifters are highly qualified for their respective jobs and abide by a technical philosophy of Precision Picking.

This essentially comprises of exact engineering, and operational practices and norms (as by the guidelines) when applied to equipment and their processes. This has resulted in providing the company in creating value resulting in invaluable outcomes and a healthy top & bottom-line.

PPT thus has been a dominant mantra of success and innovation at Crown Lifters.

At Crown Lifters , we follow this cardinal principle of research and development which has helped the company to sustain in critical times besides attracting new talent. It makes real business for the company.

It's not the load we lift….
it's the industries we serve.

We cater to the infra structure industry covering various project sectors like Cement, Dredging, Diaphragm wall, Fabrication of boilers, Metros, oil tanks & oil rig platforms, Pile driving, Power, Ports, Pipelines, Steel & Chemical plants, Water and Gas Refineries, Wind mills, Well sinking etc… Its been our mission to service industries across different verticals not only to make them achieve their goals but also enhance our own capabilities to serve the country in a much ethical way and provide value and efficiency through our work.