Corporate Ethos / Logo Rational

We celebrate our 30 years

of seniority in a market where it is difficult to survive for a day without professionalism.

Our new logo stands for just that. Welcome to the new look of Crown Lifters a symbol of professionalism and consistent growth for nearly 3 decades.

A promise kept for generations, an intention carried forward by the younger generation; to serve you with the latest technology and modernised Equipments.

A mark of respect, command and faith. – Welcome to the new look of Crown Lifters.

Five bars of progressive growth

interconnected with each other providing support & strength towards the forward directional arrow, means a lot in itself.

The five bars stand for five pillars, five brothers who have complimented each other in the organic growth of the company.

The inter weaving connecting supportive bars are the younger generation who have supported and also been catalytic in the overall success.

Increasing right hand tilted bars denotes growth

The bars also denote the arms of a crane as if they are parked in a yard ready for your service.

The different size of arms of cranes also depicts the range of cranes available bearing lighter to medium to heavy lifts.

The point on the rightmost arm denotes an edge above where we remain competitive, sharp & ready to overcome competition through our professional management and young nature.

The overall pattern also depicts flexibility and movement towards the growth curve building relationships that are here to stay.

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