It’s not the load we lift… It’s the experience we have.

Crown Lifters Limited celebrates 30 years of seniority in an extremely competitive market where it is difficult to survive for a day without professionalism.

Today’s company is an outcome of amalgamation of years of dedication, hard work and experience that has been handed down from one generation to another. The deeply ingrained business ethics has helped the company achieve many milestones in the last 3 decades.

We believe in having an extremely professional approach and offering some of the most (sophisticated) equipments to execute the most challenging of engineering tasks. Our team is efficient and upholds the corporate values of discipline, efficiency and effectiveness.

We intend to ease the most difficult task by virtue of our management style, resourcefulness and cooperative attitude. Our on-ground team engages intellectually with the team of client's engineers to understand the entire lifting operation and offer valuable suggestions drawing from their expertise and resourcefulness.We work diligently and have a wide range of equipment to cater to every need and to reach the client sensitivity and centricity.

We implement new initiatives adapting to change and keep ourselves updated and abreast with the latest technology.

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