We celebrate our 30 years of seniority in a market where it is difficult to survive for a day without professionalism.

Crown Lifters Limited is collaboration between years of dedicated hard work, perseverance, knowledge and a hand over from one generation to another.

Formally established in the year 1986, Founded and established by Shri. Kamruddin V. Jaria & family. Crown Lifters Limited is a professional Crane hiring company that finds its presence within India's finest and large (blue chip) companies.

Replete with the latest in technology, Man power and some of the most state-of-the-art processes, Crown Lifters today is expanding rapidly in every sense of the term. With a sound top management who knows its business and the intricacies of handling an organization, Crown Lifters has achieved many milestones in a short time span and is geared to take on further challenges. Today, the company with its sound management practices can boast of a great communion between man and machine, delivering value and delighting clients with an unending quest for excellence.

Headquartered in Southern and Western Mumbai with a 3-acre spacious workshop at Taloja (MH), the company is well prepared and equipped with resources and operational capabilities to serve the ever growing need of the market.