It’s not the load we lift… It’s the principle we follow.

Crown Lifters Limited is the result of collaboration between years of dedicated hard work, perseverance, knowledge and a handover from one generation to another. Established in the year 1986 by Shri. Kamruddin V. Jaria, Crown Lifters Limited is a professional crane hiring company that finds its presence within India's finest and large (blue chip) companies. With commitment and consistency in reliable services, we have earned a trusted place in our clients’ hearts. It is this commitment that has helped us in being listed on India’s National Stock Exchange Emerge Platform. It is a milestone we have achieved because of the continuous support of our stakeholders.

Replete with the latest in technology, manpower and some of the most state-of-the-art processes, Crown Lifters today is expanding rapidly in every sense. With a young and dynamic senior management team that understands the requirements of the business they are in, Crown Lifters has constantly grown and achieved many milestones and is constantly gearing itself to take on newer and higher challenges.

Today, the company with its sound management practices can boast of a great communion between man and machine, delivering value and delighting clients with an unending quest for excellence.

Headquartered in Western Mumbai with a 3-acre spacious workshop at Taloja (MH), the company is well prepared and equipped with resources and operational capabilities to serve the ever growing need of the market.

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